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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"To Russia, With Love...For The White Christian European Descent Race!"










April 24-2014 Email To US Congress

April 24-2014

RE: Response To The Russian-Ukraine-USA Crisis

Dear Esteemed Members of Congress:

We as a nation, need to re-examine our government's motivations, attitudes, behavior and corruption in relation to our beloved White Christian European Descent Race worldwide. Our recent position breaks with our country's historical position regarding the treatment of Russia. We should not create another Cuban Missile Crisis as did Democratic President John Kennedy.

Our beloved Russian Allies fought against Nazi Germany alongside the United States of America and all our allies against the 'Axis of Evil' assisting victory over Adolph Hitler and his Nazi Germany! Followed by the cold war in the 1950-1990's, Russia and the United States became staunch allies in strategic international affairs of national security importance to the White Christian European Descent Race, especially Russia and the United States regarding nuclear missiles, nuclear materials, and in aerospace we became the closest of friends.

During the Sedition of America, Russia has become one of our Staunchest Allies, helping to ensure my safety along with the US Congress/US Military from Dictator to Dictator in the hopes I, Silvia Stagg, your last good gnome could could rise before the next angry Dictator destroys the planet we are struggling to save!

My Dear Members of Congress, Russia is our strong Friend who should be properly respected and feared. Historically, China threatens to attack the United States of America with nuclear bombs, whenever angered while they destroy the manufacturing base of the United States of America and now Europe! Russia has not done so to date. Additionally, Russia has been keeping our USA Built International Space Station Safe providing Aeropsace Flights to USA NASA Astronauts. This USA International Spacestation may Illegally be given to Japan, yet another Minority Founded/Ruled Country who has a history of Nazi Germany Allegian attacking us at Pearl Harbor-Hawaii and receiving the USA's counter attack! Are we going to allow the narcissistically enraged Barack Obama to continue to self destruct with USA Black Ops Technology and Nuclear Weaponry and/or Destroy yet another White Christian European Descent Country? Recently, the media reported that Russia won the election for reunion with the Ukrane and the United States under the Black Racist Barack Obama angered by the Russian Victory, now using Anti-Putin Demonstrators to destabilize the Ukrane and Russia relations, and possibly launch Russia into War with the United States by appointing United States Soldiers at the Ukrane Boarder and US Navy Warship in the southern waters of the Ukraine!

Since the Pres George W. Bush Presidency, Russia has repeatedly voiced her willingness to become an Independent United States Territory as agreed within the World's Audience regarding the worldwide national security discussions of implementation of the Most Trusted Socioeconomic Infrastructure Programs by the United States of America, George W. Bush Presidency, US Congress, and most world governments. Are we going to keep going against what for so long we have fought for-just to murder more white flesh-hasn't the USA murdered enough? Our Race is faced with Race Extinction and we have an Insane black ops tech altered Black Racist African Negro Indigenous Race Member in the White House armed to his fangs with Black Ops Technology and Nuclear weapons pointed at everyone except himself! Let us Impeach and Remove Barack Obama, and put our lives back together against peacefully with mutual respect. Sen Rand Paul and Sen Marco Rubio and others are interested in my campaigning with them as the REP/IND Presidency-Vice Presidency, let us go forward into the future to rebuild our lives!

Under Black Racist President Barack Obama, we are suddenly considering war between Russia and the United States when only yesterday we were good friends overall through thick and thin! Shall this be a Third World War? Will this entertain Mr. Barack Obama, as he murders more White Christian European Descent Race Members? He is already getting away with five to twenty five million tortured murders via black ops technology of the White Christian European Descent Race as reported by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. It is time for former Pres George W. Bush to stop preaching war against Russia, as he has an on/off relationship with our world, he and his father responsible for the two World Trade Center Attacks and ultimate destruction of the World Trade Center both launching the United States into war. Now, his brother, former Floridian Governor Jeb Bush has announced his Presidential Campaign. Most likely, Gov Jeb Bush is going to Support War with Russia, and No Life Extension like Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton who has a mass murdering brain tap, who has given us the World's Arab Spring destabilizing the Arab World most likely due to the Obama Mole Network facilitating the mid eastern Domino Effect. 

Day After Day, I cannot allow our beautiful plans for a beautiful world to be destroyed by another Insane President with no conscience!  

The White Christian European Descent Race must grow up, and stop murdering itself!

I hope Russian President Vladimir Putin will consider speaking at the United Nations or EEC in Europe. Unfortunately, I suspect, under threat by Barack Obama the Queen of England, and both Prime Ministers of England have given the go ahead to slaughter more White Christian European Descent Race Members by militarily engaging Russia!

Members kindly stop this inhumanity toward the White Christian European Descent Race who has suffered through the torturous murders of Cesar(s), Monarchies, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, and too many to think of presently. We should be considering Most Favored Nation Trading Status with Russia Not Violence against our White Christian European Descent Race (with Orthodox Catholic Heritage)!

Why does not Secretary John Kerry protest the potential murder of innocent men, women and children and soldiers on both sides, as he did against the War in Vietnam, so angry during protesting, John Kerry threw away his three purple heart medals? Why is John Kerry so committed to War with White Christian European Descent Russia? Is John Kerry Body/Mind Altered via our US Military's Microwave Brainwave Alteration Device? Secretary of State John Kerry should Resign or be Removed From Office! After all, we never had problems keeping the peace with Russia! Why all of the hurry to prepare for battle with Russia? It appears Dictator Barack Obama wants another game of Russian Roulette in which to entertain himself and everyone serves at his pleasure! 

Kindly Stop The War Against The White Christian European Descent Race!

Stop The Violence and War Mongering Against Russia!


Silvia Stagg

Silvia Stagg For President Campaign Committee



Silvia Stagg For President Campaign Committee



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