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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Destabalization of America - The Bombing Of The Murrah Building In Oklahoma City, Abuse of Power And Other Seditionary Activities - By Silvia Stagg


Article by Silvia Stagg

The Destabalization of America - The Bombing of the Murrah Building In Oklahoma City, and Other Abuse of Power - Seditionary Activities

The destabalization of America is most assuredly linked to a sequence of catastrophic events which occurred during the 19th Century.  And this would include the bombing of the Murrah Building on April 19-1995, located in Oklahoma City-Oklahoma. This terroristic attack was deemed to be linked to President William Jefferson Clinton and former FBI Louis J. Freeh wrongfully infiltrating a Niagara Falls-NY group using an FBI Mole sent by the FBI Director (and President Clinton) in which Timothy McVay and Terry Nichols were a part.

The second attack targeted the WTC/World Trade Center, named 9/11 or 9/11/2001 Tragedy.  The President at the time, George W. Bush was illegally given Immunity From Prosecution by our US Congress, for the destruction of the WTC Towers.  Whereby, Nineteen (19) Saudi Nationals hyjacked two commercial jet airliners flying one each into the two WTC Towers.  During the Second WTC/World Trade Center Attack, and during President George W. Walker Bushs' Term In Office, let the record show, Richard/Dick Cheney was Vice President, and during both the First and Second WTC attacks, Candoleeza Rice was National Security Advisor to the President, and General Colin Powell was a commissioned officer. 

And it should be noted that, Louis J. Freeh was FBI Director during the first WTC/World Trade Center attack consisting of a a truck bombing resulting in the death of 6 persons. And the actual date the forementioned occurred was April 1989 while George Herbert Walker Bush was President. And not February 26-1993 the date which is often asserted to protect the Bush Family from being connected to a Family Conspiracy to Destroy the WTC/World Trade Center.  To our advantage, we still have numerous Photographs and Film footage of the Persian Gulf War AKA (Desert Storm-Desert Shield) of 1991 in response to the Truck Bomb attack on the WTC. At the time, Commander General Norman Schwarzkopf - US Central Command, President George Herbert Walker Bush, and his Cabinet Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney, Candoleeza Rice National Security Advisor, General Colin Powell,  were repeatedly photographed.

Substantiating the conspiracy to hide the true date of the first WTC Attack and protect the reputation of the too powerful to prosecute Bush Family, is the fact that our beautiful and originally well stocked Niagara Falls Public Library (and perhaps other libraries nationwide/worldwide) was gutted during the first term of the Bush Administration.  Older books were either thrown out and/or sold to the public for peanuts, replaced with new books which changed the actual date of the 1989 WTC Attack giving little to no details of the incident.   This writer, formerly employed at the WTC, did not have to work that day at the WTC/World Trade Center. However, one does recall, reports of "minor superficial damage and 6 persons were killed" with lower level Platform/First Floor and below ground/Train Platform levels affected.

Additionally, during the Second Bush Administration, it should be known, this writer viewed a televised video tape of George Walker Bush and Candoleeza Rice stepping off Helicopter 'Marine Air Force I' continued walking toward the White House holding hands. Their hands disengaged once George W. Bush remembered he was before the media. The incident went further unreported until now. To reiterate, Candoleeza Rice was National Security Advisor to both President George Herbert Walker Bush and his son George Walker Bush! Both Colin Powell and Candoleeza Rice later became Secretary of State.

Regarding the second WTC attack, it was a Female Supervisory FBI Agent from the FBI Minneapolis Office who became an FBI Whistle Blower.  The FBI was already investigating the nineteen Saudi Nationals taking Airplane Pilot lessons in preparation for a Terrorist attack and this investigation was muzzled and not used to prevent the 9/11 WTC Tragedy. As asserted in the Channel 17 PBS Frontline Documentary, "when President George W. Bush drove into the driveway of a local Grammar School to give a classroom appearance that fateful morning of September 11-2001, he already knew of the first commercial jet airliner attack on one WTC Tower and failed to make his public statement until the second WTC Tower attack by a second commercial jet airliner," both flying directly into one of both Towers.

Throughout 1995, the US Congress released their quick response to the bombing of the Murrah Building, frequently broadcasted by the media stating, "The bombing of the Murrah Building was the result of an FBI Sting Operation gone aray...involving an FBI Mole linked to the FBI Director (with some implied or actual mention of the Presidents' involvement) infiltrating a group in Niagara Falls which included Timothy McVay and Larry Nichols..." This report was reiterated with much discourse before the public by Congress, Government and Media.

Congressional, other Government and Media reports also stated, "The ATF/Alcohol, Tobacco And Firearms Agency illegally kept bombs in the basement of the Murrah Building...(which exploded simultaneously as the Fertilizer Bomb built by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols)." Upon viewing media film footage of the surrounding area of the Murrah Building, the Murrah Building was much more destroyed than the buildings in closer proximity to the Ryder Truck which contained the McVeigh-Nichols Fertilizer Bomb.

As witnessed by this writer, a day or two after the bombing of the Murrah Building on or about April 19-1995 (this date in agreement with this writer's recollection), an on location media reporter standing in front of the bombed Murrah Building, before Television camera stated, "The day the Murrah Building was bombed the Secret Service was investigating the President."

President William Jefferson Clinton, and the White House, shortly after the Murrah Building was bombed, announced, "The Murrah Building would be demolished within thirty days" making reference to a "Point of Healing" (stating a planned Memorial would be built at the site)."  However, attorneys for Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols argued against such action in court, asserting, "Important forensics necessary to their case/defense would be destroyed." Nonethless, President William Jefferson Clinton pressed on, succeeding with the expeditious demolition of the Murrah Building and a Memorial for the dead (government men, women and their childern in day care) built in its place.

The issue publicly died by 1996, and the government became resolved to soley targetting Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols for the bombing of the Murrah Building. However, the Media openly investigated conspiracy theories with some vigor.  One Magazine Article read by this writer in 1996, asserted, "Some Federal Judges who worked in the Murrah Building were telephoned earlier that morning and instructed not to go to work that day it was dangerous." It was asserted by media reports at the time, that the FBI had no office at the Murrah Buildling and the FBI disliked being housed with other Federal Agencies. A good idea! 

The US Congress and the Media kept the pressure on the Clintons, the teflon couple, who remained well liked because of their superficially kind demeanor to the Indigent and Middle Class. The Clinton gave the appearance of protecting our human dignity by protecting socioeconomic entitlements for the desperate millions of persons who need these entitlements. The huddled masses yearning to be free are historically responsible for voting the President into Office. However, the Clinton Agenda to crush American rights and spirit of self protection from Abuse of Power/Sedition became apparent to all US Citizens and the world.

By 1994, President William Jefferson Clinton was already publicy guilty of Abuse of Power and Sedition of two cases as charged before the public by the government and US Citizenry. One case which occurred on/by August 21-22-1992, involving Ruby Ridge Idahos' Randy Weaver and his family and friend Kevin Harris, and another case, which took place between February 28-1993 ending violently by April 19-1993, involving a Charismatic Christian (Fanatical) Leader named David Koresh of the Branch Davidian Sect at Waco Texas.

The meglomanic David Koresh (born Vernon Wayne Howell in Houston-TX in 1959), according to videotape of David Koresh giving sermons appeared to be psychologically unstable, and as per PBS Frontline had a shady violent past.  And in the opinion of this writer viewing the Branch Davidian Sermons of David Koresh, David Koresh was meglomanic and guilty of brainwashing. There were government claims that David Koresh was sexually promiscuous and possibly guilty of child abuse.  Clearly good issues on which the State Authorities could take action. The issue of the safety of the children was raised by our government especially Honorable Janet Reno before our US Congress. However, all government agencies nationwide failed to act in a humane manner to save the children and women obviously held captive. And they becme subject subject to President  Clinton's well known tempter.  In 1996, it was News Print who photographed President Clinton and Vice President Gore having a shouting match outside the White House. In Waco, it was the  local Sheriff who asserted he would have preferred to pick-up David Koresh (known fairly well) while David Koresh went jogging in the morning, so as to protect the brainwashed and intimidated Branch Davidians. 

Both Federal and State Law Enforcement failed to protect the women and children who were obviously being held captive to some extent, some children were allowed to leave the Branch Davidian Ranch. Some milk was given to the remaining children during FBI negotiations which broke down pror to the  Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms taking over and firing incindiaries into the unfinished Ranch referred to as a 'compound.' The local sheriff disagreed with the Federal Governments' handling of this case and like the Ruby Ridge Case, the Honorable USAG Janet Reno was forced to testify before Congress. It was claimed that the Branch Davidians were involved in harboring a methamphetamine laboratory, claims never proven nor believed at the time, appearing to be grasping at straws before a worried Congress and general public.

The Federal Government relied on unconstitutional anti gun laws regarding the Branch Davidian and Ruby Ridge cases. Furthermore, the usual 'grandfather clause' of the unconstitutional anti gun legislation used forbidding certain guns bought legally, and mandating these newly outlawed guns be relinquished to the US Government was not the appropriate codified law to rest upon. At the time, the media reported, each of the foregoing US Citizens, Randy Weaver and David Koresh, received One Misdemeanor Indictiment Count filed against themselves, setting the stage for Two Acts of Heinous Abuses of Power/Sedition upon US Citizens who chose to protect their Second Amendment Rights To Keep and Bear Arms.

It is for this reason, that the State often shys away from these cases of Constitutional Bill of Rights Mandates. Left wing liberals are always taking away our constitutional right of self-protection, subjecting the US Senate and US Citizenry to their mandatory Presidential erroneous interpretation of our US Constitution while they applied for two powerful US Justice positions, asserting during Supreme Court Justice Senate Confirmation Hearings, "The State controls our rights over gun ownership/usage" and that "US Citizens have no right per so at self protection. Arguments which attack the Core of US Constitutional intent/reasoning. These two Female US Supreme Court Justices appointed by Barack Obama should be removed forthwith for having, using contrary reasoning in their voiced responses to our US Constitution during US Senate Confirmation Hearings.

Between February 28-1993-April 19-1993, while President William Jefferson Clinton micromanaged the Branch Davidian case, two courageous FBI Agents withdrew themselves from the case believing human carnage would ensue and it did.  While making no public statements, William Jefferson Clinton withdrew into the privacy of the White House, resulting in a morning raid by the Bureau of ATF/Alcohol Tabacco & Firearms laying seige with a US Militay Tank shooting Incendiaries into the Branch Davidian Home before the eyes of the media world, burning it to the ground along with a sure estimate changed from 86 men, women and children to 76 men, women and children. The incinerated remains of most of the bodies of the women and children were found in a half burried bus inside the Branch Davidian Home, where they hid for shelter from the Gun Fight and Incendiaries. It should be noted, David Koresh refused to release all of the women and children before the seige commenced.  Shortly thereafter, this writer visited the dessimated Branch Davidian Ranch, leveled to the ground with black ground as remains and wrote an article for the College Newspaper, 'The Egalitarian' with a photo of the Branch Davidian showing a hand painted sign on a white sheet, stating, "Rodney King We Understand." The photo was sold to at the Branch Davidian site by a ghost photographer. That same day, his writer also had the opportunity to speak to a Branch Davidian family member via cell/mobile phone while ATF Agents monitored the entire crowd.

On or about August 21-22-1992, reportedly after the US Marshalls received their Pull Out/Pull Back Orders, Randy Weavers' wife, Vicki Weaver was shot in the head (between the eyes dying immediately) while holding her baby as she stood in the front doorway of their shack/cabin located in Ruby Ridge Idaho. And their son, Sammy Weaver, the eleven year old son of Randy Weaver (some reports state he was 13 years old) shot and killed a US Marshall, and was himself killed, shot twice, once in the elbow (of his shooting arm) and shot once in the back.  At the time, it was asserted, that Sammy Weaver was killed while running back to the shack/cabin for safety at his fathers' instruction. The front door to the Weaver shack/cabin mysteriously disappeared.  This door would have proved how many shots were fired through it and from whence each bullot came. The United States Department of Justice Reports are extremely critical of the Federal Government's role in the Randy Weaver case noting "It appeared the governments' intent was to kill Randy Weaver and his friend Kevin Harris and not apprehend them." 

At the time, media reports stated, "What brought about the incident was a Failure of Randy Weaver and Kevin Harris to appear at a Court Ordered Hearing, in which Randy Weaver claimed "He never received a Notice to Appear and in response to their failure to appear, US Marshalls and FBI Agents visited the shack/cabin belonging to Randy Weaver and shots were fired (and they lay seige upon the shack/cabin owned by Randy Weaver)." There were discrepancies between who fired the first shot."  According to Randy Weaver, "The Federal Government shot at them first." Randy Weaver successfully sued the United States Government and was only awarded One-Three  Million US Dollars.

As is common when stuck between a rock and a hard place, the United States Congress and Media relentlessly kept investigating the Clintons, focusing on other Clinton Scandals in an attempt to remove an unwanted President. By 1996 and beyond, we became more familiar with William Jefferson Clinton's womanizing (the Jennifer Flowers' public declaration of her twelve year love affair-the love/stalking of Paula Jones-the Monica Lewinsky-Israeli Moussad connection with taped steamy phone sex), and Hillary Clinton's attorney case history and connection with the 'Rose Law Firm' and the apparent suicide of White House Attorney Vince Foster at a nearby Washington-DC Park. Vince Foster was possibly formerly employed with the Rose Law Firm), and he was good friend of Hillary Clinton and William Jefferson Clinton.

Getting back to the Clintons, Hillary Clinton moved to Chippaqua New York about November-December 2000 losing the first Senatorial Election to Incumbant Republican Senator Rick Lazio 60% to 20% (in favor of Senator Rick Lazio).  However, George W. Bush, the US Congress, and the State of New York et al, allowed Hillary Clinton to command a Second Senatorial Election against Incumbant Republican Senator Rick Lazio whereby fraud ensued and Hillary Clinton apparently won the second Senatorial Election  enabling Hillary Rodham-Clinton to control and torment the US Senate swearing her into office until President Elect Barack Obama gave Hillary Clinton the Secretary of State position. However, Hillary Clinton continued to complain that she could not raise the money to pay off her remaining US$20 Million Campaign Debt (because the US Citizenry chose not to support her Seditionary Presidency as is their right) and Hillary Clinton publicly commenced making demands that other Democratic and Republican Candidates pay off/give her the monies to pay off her US$20 Million Campaign Debt. Barack Obama appointed Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State. One year later sometime by 2010, Clinton's Campaign Debt was no longer reported by the media. 

After the Impeachment of President William Jefferson Clinton who sadly remained in office and during the tenure of the esteemed US Attorney General Honorable Janet Reno, the United States Department of Justice still had sound moral strength. And a fine Special Prosecutor was appointed, Prosecutor Fitzgerald-Kennedy, who revoked the Law License of William Jefferson Clinton. Unfortunately, politicians make deals, and the newly elected President George Walker Bush chose the wrong deal. In early 2001, President George W. Bush sent the wrong message, he changed the punishment of William Jeffereson Clinton to a five year Suspension of his Law License. And the greatful William Jefferson Clinton made a public statement, "He would someday be able to support his family." And so William Jefferson Clinton embarked upon his new life, opening up a new office in Bronx-New York, and continuing to devastate our world, with he and wife Hillary Clintons' Black Ops Technology Seditionary Activities.   

End of Article by Silvia Stagg

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