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  • 120 Congressmen have now signed a letter of no confidence in Attorney General Eric Holder. LIKE if you agree with the Congressmen and think the Attorney General should go!
  • ‎120 Congressmen have now signed a letter of no confidence in Attorney General E...
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      • Silvia Stagg June 16-2012 Dear Readers: The Impeachment Requirement for Cabinet Members Is Not Lawful as these are not Elected Persons! The US Senate Judiciary Committee has the authority as the most powerful 'Government Oversight Committee' to Remove USAG Eric Holder from Office or Refer his Case to An Independent Counsel for Investigation and if necessary to an Independent Prosecutor. My US Attorney Kenneth Weinstein was forced to 'Retire.' It was my case (after contacting RNC & DNC) which broke the story on the US Attorney Firings, and lead to the US Senate Judiciary Investigating and Referring former USAG Alberto Gonzalez Case to an Independent Counsel. Had USAG Gonzalez failed to resign, his case would have been referred to an Independent Prosecutor for Prosecution. It was on or about July 26-2007, one day before my birthday, when the US Senate Judiciary Member Senator Arlen Spector from Pennsylvania announced the referral of the USAG Alberto Gonzalez case to an Independent Counsel for Investigation, etc. Most cases handled by the esteemed US Attorneys are government corruption cases! Therefore, do whatever you can to support and assist our fine US Attorneys and US Department of Justice personnel. Unfortunately, since we are engaged In Black Ops Tech Sedition, Seditionary Cabinet Members such as USAG Eric Holder, a black ops tech offender, are given much too much protection by our members of Congress and the US President Dictator. This is due to black ops tech 'Influence Peddling' whereby participants (US Government Hierarchy and the Black Ops Murderous Rapist Hoares of Worlds' Film Industry and the Social-Government Elite who actually hate life extension for the masses!) play with dangerous and emasculating concepts-feelings-emotions